Aug 13

Venturing Ahead: Turbocharging Entrepreneurs at BioCity Scotland

This event hosted by BioCity Scotland was strongly entrepreneurial in its focus, and an interesting morning filled with several insightful and impactful speakers. Also an official feeder event for VentureFest Scotland 2015 to be held on the 9th of September in the Glasgow Science Centre. On a lovely sunny Lanarkshire day there was a good synergy of companies and an audience invested in making innovation work, and in most cases work for the benefit of Scotland.

Key points Creatifik will take away from the event will be how Scotland is more fluid and focused in regards maximising innovation and business creation. And how the tools and processes are more available than ever to realise and commercialise ideas. This is undoubtedly where BioCity Scotland truly shines: as they offer a solid and advancing research and commercial platform which strongly supports scientific and technological enterprises with its incubator services. The site, in my view is no longer the old Organon / MSD site and should be considered, instead, simply as BioCity Scotland. This will be sealed when the new MediCity, which is said to be completed during Q4 of this year, comes into being.

The speakers were:
Dr Richard Weaver (MD and Founder of XenoGesis Ltd)
Dr Diane Harbison (MD of BioCity Scotland)
Dr Catherine Breslin (Research & Knowledge Development Manager at University of Strathclyde)
Dr David Lightbody (CEO of Biogelx)
and Dr Susie Mitchell (Programme Director at Glasgow City of Science)

With a panel consisting of:
Dr Eleanor Mitchell (Senior Director of High Growth Ventures at Scottish Enterprise)
Duncan Robertson (Head of Comms at Entrepreneurial Spark)
and Evelyn McDonald (CEO at Scottish EDGE).

The event did its best to avoid focusing heavily on funding – as BioCity Scotland has already held such an event. Instead the audience were taken on several personal journeys, generously shared by the key speakers, in how they started and advanced their own business while emphasising key pieces of advice. This was then anchored by the panel who provided a core of information and sound answers to the audience during the Q&A discussion. One point which resonated was the identification of Scottish culture’s nature to shrink from the sales process, thinking of it like being like a “used car salesman”. This is the start of a true business shift, which needs to happen, as businesses stop looking for funding and begin to raise capital from organic sales by having customers who actually want their product or service. Something that Creatifik can certainly help in supporting through our design and marketing services.

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