Jun 17

Social Media Integration

As we’ve mentioned digital design and our increasing capacity within it we’re going to tell you some interesting things about social media.

Firstly there are many different forms of social media such as: blogging, discussion, photographic, music, virtual worlds, informatic and sharing related. However for the readership of this newsletter we’re going to focus on the big three: Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter.

Social Media

Facebook and Linked-In are two profile based platforms that present you to the world but are personal and business focused respectively. Both are funded by paid advertising and don’t ask for any money to connect you to the world – and that’s where their power lies. You can meet people you’d never see without these websites and they can meet you.

Both really benefit from taking the time to really plough your personality into their content boxes and from giving time to regular updating. We recommend using a real personal image instead of an abstract representation. Facebook offers two key benefits: allowing you to have a personalised URL to your profile that can be used on business cards etc, and provides dedicated company profile pages. These offer a powerful platform to increase your exposure and engage with target groups who can then choose to follow you.

Linked-In being a professional profile site should be used by every business person interested in living in a world beyond 2003 – the year the website began. It just can’t be ignored as a tool to increase your prospect and client base. The profile allows applications to be installed that increase the functionality and specificity of your profile of you and your business. These are software plug-ins that are expanding in number and allow your profile to do display company presentations, portfolios, projects, financial times insights and even tweets.

We should also mention that recently our studio was approached to pitch for a large client account after being found solely via our Linked-In profile.

Twitter is getting a lot of hype and has recently been re-designed. Now it has better support for those you follow and those who follow you via a second fly out panel. An important tip is to use the hash tag “#” which makes the subsequent word searchable and catagorised throughout the site. Twitter is a micro-blogging site allowing quick comments on any subject and is a great way to reach many people by sending: information, web links, video and images using the twitpic. We also suggest embedding your twitter feed into your company website and Linked-In account so more people get your messages through their respective connectability.

It goes without saying that building as many friends, contacts or followers on an on going basis is important to start and maintain – then watch them grow exponentially.


Finally Creatifik suggests that everyone manage these social medias using TweetDeck. This is a free piece of software that brings: Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and others to a single window. It removes the need for you to individually log in to each of the websites and offers additional benefits of alerts and auto-shortening of urls.

And one last thing – please think carefully before employing social media consultancy. Our studio does offer assistance in it’s implementation from a design point of view. But on going external management is altogether different. As even though your social media should be well managed, it greatly benefits from having you or staff directly and routinely involved.

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