Creatifik Business hours:
9:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Thursday
9:00am: to 3:00pm on Friday.

Our working week waives its right to public holidays and is continuous throughout the year. However any out of service period will be displayed on the home page as a soon as is known, and design work scheduled accordingly.

As Creatifik is open to the public we would greatly appreciate if you would contact us to arrange a meeting.

Our lunch is between 1pm and 2pm out side of this time all telephone calls are answered within 5 rings during office hours. Voice mail messages will receive a reply within one working day. Should it be suitable or asked for a text message will be sent to answer short questions during out of office hours.

Client / Project related emails received before 15:00 will be responded whenever possible by 17:00. All other emails will be responded to within three working days. Creatifik also aims to reduce its cost and environmental impact and save time by utilising virtual meetings and conference calling. Due to this Creatifik welcomes the use of Skype® and other VOIP services, internet meetings and instant messaging whenever possible. It also advocates the use of Adobe Acrobat electronic document review or general fax communication following prior arrangement.

Creatifik recognises its environmental impact thus is committed to promoting sustainability in our design and within our working processes. As a result we recycle all paper, plastics and metals within our studio. We also reduce energy consumption by being mindful of equipment use, promote on-line project management with our clients, avoid unnecessary journeys, use public transport often, seek to work with ISO14011, FSC, PEFC and VOC certified companies, and ensure our staff are aware of this position. These policies and further refinements are reviewed annually.

Quotes and Prices:
When asked our prices for certain services or a quote for a complete project Creatifik aims to provide the most comprehensive information with respect to other time pressures. We are in regular communication with our third party services and will provide you with an accurate quote. Where possible we will compare at least two of our third party services to get you the best price for your design project.

Charges and Invoicing:
Even though this will be discussed during the initial meeting Creatifik reserves the right to charge an hourly rate or set a complete price for its design services. The price of a set design package remains amendable if the design time increases beyond the original set duration. We also reserve the right to ask for a 40% deposit of the total at the start of the design project. All projects require our contract to be signed before any final design work begins, see our downloads page for a copy of our contract.

Personal information that we collect to store, and where we collect it from. The only areas we collect information from out website are the contact form and the Newsletter sign-up form. The information you supply us will be treated with the strictest confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Contact Form:
The information visitors choose to provide and/or the message or question they choose to send remains completely confidential within the company. We would never pass on any of your information to a 3rd party.

Newsletter Form:
The newsletter form asks for your name and email for the purposes of receiving our newsletters. This is information once entered is added to our mailing list which is control by Campaign Monitor. This 3rd party newsletter management company provides very secure systems for holding your information. As like contact forms your information will never be used outside of our company and never provided to a 3rd party. All our newsletters offer the option to unsubscribe for any further contact via this method. However you can also email us using the email below for should you require a more immediate response.

Social Media:
We use our social media channels to effectively distribute information of all sorts relating to: Creatifik news, new projects, scientific news, design news and marketing information. We also redistribute information from other sources, which adheres to our focus, as and when it comes to our attention. We do try to respond to all direct messages and comments of interest as quickly as possible. We rarely re-tweet upon request.

Further Information:
Should you need additional clarification please contact Stuart using the email address: and he’ll try to answer your questions and queries to the fullest.