Feb 07

5 Top Tips for Choosing a Design Company

As scientific companies often have tight and important design and marketing budgets we have offered our 5 top tips for choosing a design company. We hope this short but insightful article helps you or a member of your team to: begin the design process better, enjoy the time spent creating... read more →
Jan 25

Ask Google “Are you penalising me?”

If you're thinking your website or SEO efforts are penalising you on the Google rankings, well now you can just ask. Now you can head to the Google WebMasters Tools and use the "manual action viewer". It can notify if your website has: cloaking, redirects, been hacked, contains hidden text,... read more →
Dec 03

Send better Tweets

Twitter is great for science and scientists as its 140 character limit shouldn't be seen as a frustration for verbose professionals, but instead as an opportunity. An opportunity for science communication to shed its long-winded reputation and engage interested followers with short snappy ideas. To tweet better, think of your... read more →
Oct 23

Creatifik is 5 years young

[lead] We're 5 years old, the creative service that Creatifik provides was established during the October of 2008 under the original name of i2eye design studio. Near Edinburgh the idea of marrying scientific knowledge with a sound creative ability was born, and was offered to local scientific, technological and health... read more →
Sep 12

CMAC’s 2nd Open Day

[lead]Creatifik was in attendance at CMAC's (Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation) 2nd Open Day, where many scientific professionals from the UK arrived for a day of presentations on the solid forms of pharmaceuticals. Those interested across commercial and educational organisations descended upon the IMAX at the... read more →
Aug 07

Gain Subscribers with Enlist App

Image from Campaign Monitor Website Marketing has been given a FREE tool by Campaign Monitor to better integrate their e-newsletter service. The Enlist app from the massively popular online service has been available for a while but I rarely see it being used when attending events. Enlist app transforms your... read more →
Jul 29

ePublishing Conference, Edinburgh

[lead]The take home message from the ePublishing conference held on the 12th of June 2013 within the business school of Edinburgh University was one of "Do it Yourself". This disrupting theme was woven into the presentations of several speakers, who were from different backgrounds including and especially science. [/lead] With... read more →
Aug 06

We attend CPHI Madrid 9th-11th October 2012

Stuart Docherty from Creatifik will be attending this years CPHI Madrid event in October. We're looking forward to walking the floor and seeing this years advancements in science and technology for the pharmaceutical sectors and related sectors. Having attended in 2010 we know how exciting and interesting attending CPHI Worldwide... read more →
Feb 20
Nov 14

Social Media Integration Part 2

Google+:Since our first article on social media a new kid is on the block and looking for some of the social media action and when that kid is Google the others should listen. Google+ is looking to take social media share from the likes of Facebook and is a serious... read more →