May 28
Mar 17

Making the most of your assets

Design companies such as Creatifik would obviously like to craft and deliver clients with new and up to date design or on trend marketing techniques; however it's important to remember what your company already has and what can be used more often or better. We're putting this opinion on our... read more →
Feb 12
Jan 28

IBioIC Conference 2015

Creatifik attended the IBioIC's (The Industrial Biotechnology Centre) first annual conference at INOVO House in Glasgow on 22nd January. Due to the high demand for tickets we got in touch with organiser after the event was initially sold out, but were able to get in when a new round of... read more →
Sep 29
Aug 25

Dr Simon Gage, Edinburgh Science Festival

On Thursday the 21st of August the Edinburgh University Business School's eClub as part of the Fringe Festival arranged for Dr Simon Gage, director of the Edinburgh Science Festival (EdSciFest) to speak about his organisation. The mission of the Edinburgh Science Festival is reported to: Educate, Entertain and Inspire; with... read more →
Jul 17

Neurological Photography Exhibition

A selection of images from the neurobiology exhibition in Edinburgh during July 2014. The images explain an array of neurological concepts to the passing public who take an interest in the larger than life images. Hopefully as a result they learn something about themselves and their brain.
Jun 12
May 06

Science Communication at QMRI

Recently at the Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI) I was present for a Science Communication day to hear from two speakers: Dr Cathy Southworth and Ken McDonald. Both speakers spoke passionately about science and their involvement in its communication. This post is to capture their messages and sentiments as recorded... read more →
Apr 16