Oct 23

Creatifik is 5 years young

We’re 5 years old, the creative service that Creatifik provides was established during the October of 2008 under the original name of i2eye design studio. Near Edinburgh the idea of marrying scientific knowledge with a sound creative ability was born, and was offered to local scientific, technological and health related companies.

The first client we worked with was Solid Form Solutions Ltd, based in the Roslin Biocentre. It was a great opportunity to work with such a dynamic company as our first client. We worked to re-brand their quickly crafted logo to provide professional design that is visually accurate to the company and where it wanted to be. As a result we provided various design items that have helped it become one of the top solid state chemistry companies in the world.

Over the proceeding four years we continued to work with SFS and gained additional clients from the Moredun Research Institute, the Alba BioCentre, London and others. During this time we moved into a dedicated studio near the water of Leith surrounded by several other design studios. It was a lot of fun attending events and meeting so many people who could benefit from our design and marketing services.

During the fourth year Creatifik relocated to Valencia to enjoy the “City of Arts and Science”. As the third largest city of Spain had inspired me from magazine articles, so much so, I had to spend some real time there. During the year I enjoyed the Valencian Design Week in September, took in so much European design and culture – all of which informs my creative approach. I worked with a couple of local clients, contacted the Parc Cientific and the Parc Tecnologico as well as spending time in and around the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Living and working in Valencia was a great way to spend the year in mainland Europe. During this time I developed the new branding for Creatifik and continued to work with clients in the UK; then as the work returned from the dip during the recession I returned to Scotland.

Having returned to Scotland on the 1st of September 2013 Creatifik has been approaching prospective clients Europe wide and has turned it attention to the South East of England and East coast of the United States. With a new and responsive WordPress powered website and informative services brochure, with some newly added services, we’re eager to work with great companies and deliver excellent design throughout the Western world.

The next 5 years will see Creatifik form a larger collective of skilled designers across: graphics, web, digital, product and marketing. We’re specifically focusing on delivering more e-Commerce and 3D Graphic projects through a deliberate investment in both of these creative areas. This strategy and the motivation to see it through will empower Creatifik to take advantage of the economic recovery, as our clients do, making us better than ever for 2014 and next five years.

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