Aug 07

Gain Subscribers with Enlist App

Enlist App

Image from Campaign Monitor Website

Marketing has been given a FREE tool by Campaign Monitor to better integrate their e-newsletter service. The Enlist app from the massively popular online service has been available for a while but I rarely see it being used when attending events. Enlist app transforms your iPad in a recording device for attendees to give their information for follow-up later on, or to receive future newsletters.

The app is easy to install and works seamlessly with an already established Campaign Monitor account bringing a streamlined process directly to the table of your company stand. It takes over an iPad device so users cannot open other applications such as checking their email, as the app requires a password to exit its function.

Usefully the Enlist app works online but also functions offline, storing all the entered information, then uploading the data the next time it has an internet connection. The Enlist interface background can be branded to represent the company and provide creative calls to action.

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