Sep 12

CMAC’s 2nd Open Day

[lead]Creatifik was in attendance at CMAC’s (Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation) 2nd Open Day, where many scientific professionals from the UK arrived for a day of presentations on the solid forms of pharmaceuticals. Those interested across commercial and educational organisations descended upon the IMAX at the Glasgow Science Centre.[/lead]

The analysis and production of the solid forms of pharmaceuticals was focus of this event. Many of the presentations from seasoned experts and advancing PhD students were actively enjoyed by an audience eager to learn and for the betterment of their own research. Many of the presentations covered aspects concerning technical factors, overview’s of batch versus continuous manufacture and the application of specific equipment.

There was an exhibition area where related companies set-up to display their offerings and network with their target market. Additionally within this area was a poster area for students from local universities who published some very recent research. The event was a great success and widely enjoyed by those who concern themselves with the manufacture of pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals. As they understand that although each research group has its own focus, everybody must work together for an overall betterment of this scientific field and for the end goal of better medicines for human health.

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