Aug 04

Create your own Scientific Illustrations using BioRender

It’s typical these days, with technology getting better and more free, for people too want to do everything themselves. This has long been the case for research posters. Research students and scientists alike making use of powerpoint or whatever is to hand, to pull their data into a piece of software that can export to print in a suitability large format. BioRender is a tool aimed at enabling scientists and health professionals to create their own scientific illustrations to relay complex biological data quickly and cleanly.

Often researchers and biomedical professionals are required to relay complicated biological processes. These can be badly rendered by researchers themselves, this was actually a core reason to why Creatifik was founded – to provide illustration services to satisfy this need well. Well now there is BioRender: a tool allowing busy and unskilled scientific professionals to drag and drop quality visuals to craft clean and descriptive biomedical graphics.

BioRender provides an easy to use, intuitive, drag and drop internet based solution. The illustration platform provides a wide and deep choice of biomedical, molecular and chemical icons to be used within a canvas of desired dimensions. The final work can be used within a: research poster, scientific paper, website or social media post for example.

We hope this article brings BioRender to your attention and its function brings new abilities to your science communication and scientific illustration. Should the BioRender tool still not be enough, perhaps time is an issue or you desire a design or style outside the scope of BioRender then please get in touch with Creatifik to discuss your creative brief.


Scientific Visualisation BioRender

BioRender homepage encouraging sign-up.

Cellular Illustration from BioRender

Chosen example of BioRender used to present intra and extra cellular processes.

Visit BioRender here: BioRender Website


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