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Collaborate with a creative consultancy that is focused on the scientific sector and the success of its clients. Our clients trust us to to improve their communication, visualisation and commercialisation and be their creative partner as we quickly understand often novel or technical businesses and immediately start to provide ideas, deliver insightful concepts, improve strategy and provide professional design solutions. All of our services work to encapsulate your brand, purpose and stated objectives in a cost effective and holistic manner.

Our Purpose

Creatifik was established in 2008 to offer a multi-disciplined design resource to scientific organisations and individuals that understands their language, the sector they are in, and craft great design solutions that contribute to success.

  • Deliver design that identifies and communicates organisations and science.
  • Craft marketing strategies which make best use of assets and resources.
  • Support sales processes of organisations to increase revenue.

Our Values

Creatifik is committed to the accurate communication of knowledge from its source to an audience. We believe that knowledge, when correctly presented, is a positive force that can inform, influence and improve life for everybody.

  • Communicate science.
  • Provide easy access to professional creative resources.
  • A transparent and collaborative process.
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Creatifik Team

Core staff who work with our clients.

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Stuart Docherty (MSc)

Senior Designer

Founder of Creatifik and its senior designer who worked as a pharmaceutical biologist. Stuart provides the insights for projects and works closely with our clients.

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Angeli Mehta (PhD)


Angeli is a critical thinker with a science background. Her editorial expertise was built over 15 years at BBC Television, where she developed projects on budget and to deadline.

Science Literate Creatives

Speak to the Creatifik team like you would a scientific colleague.


Passionate about the communication, visualisation and commercialisation of the ideas the scientific sector has to present. Experienced in relaying technical information.


We are experienced in working with: print, web, digital and social media so can best relay your information to your intended audience better than most.


With a science grounding, our designers relish the opportunity to create graphics that showcase your research, data or scientific concepts to an audience.


Present your latest research, product or service at scientific conferences or trade shows. We provide a range of event support for scientific events.

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We work with scientists, understanding the lab lingo that other designers don’t. Work with Creatifik and avoid frustration and enjoy that it’ll be right first time.


Make money from research by starting a company or grow your revenue. Creatifik is with you every step supporting your commercial objectives.


Do more of what you do best, while trusting creative professionals to craft ideas on your behalf, giving you time back – while enjoying solutions that work.


Supporting your open-day & public engagement efforts with a range of communicative materials to relay your research to a lay audience.

Creatifik Process

Achieving design, marketing or sales milestones for improved success.

[minti_iconbox icon=”” iconimg=”17250″ style=”3″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”Research” textcolor=”dark”]We talk about your plan or problem then Creatifik applies its creative skills to generate ideas and concepts.


[minti_iconbox icon=”” iconimg=”17246″ style=”3″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”Proposal” textcolor=”dark”]Best ideas and concepts are presented as design solutions which are reviewed and decisions are made.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox icon=”” iconimg=”16875″ style=”3″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”Design” textcolor=”dark”]Creatifik works to craft the agreed design solution using: print, web, digital and social media.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox icon=”” iconimg=”16990″ style=”3″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”Launch” textcolor=”dark”]Final designs are completed with their implementation scheduled to achieve the desired success.[/minti_iconbox]

Creatifik Services

How we help organisations: show, tell and sell.

Graphic Design

Combine words and images to create all manner of design items: business cards, leaflets, posters and packaging – and more to communicate your message.


Capture rich imagery suitable for a scientific audience that can be called upon for any design and marketing requirement across: print, web, digital and social media.

Identity Design

Be unique to your audience with a striking visual identity that best represents your company, product or service while being distinguished from the competition.

Website Design

Be everywhere all the time with a website. Engage and inform a global audience with your work and establish a platform that can present all types of information.

Video & Film

Go beyond stills, and tell your story using our professional video service, which is aligned with the needs of the scientific sector and will better inform your audience.

Exhibition Design

Be your best when exhibiting at events using our experience in providing eye-catching stands and collateral, that will make delegates take notice.


Our copywriting can craft your message and relay it succinctly to your target audience so it resonates with better memorability and impact.

Data Visualisation

Communicate data with a style which is best for your concepts. Using 2D or 3D graphics, we enable others to comprehend the complex through engaging visuals.

Packaging Design

Adhere to accreditations while making the most visual impact with your packaging design. Creatifik can help you from the initial stages to final production.

Content Creation

Employ Creatifik to craft copy using our scientific understanding and ability to marry words with key visuals that work to inform, persuade or to sell your audience.


Provide your dataset for modern infographic styles, bringing it to life, and allow your audience to engage with your results in a deeper and memorable way.

Marketing Strategy

We give the design items we create and your resources greater purpose and focus on crafting a considered marketing strategy which is progressive and measurable.

Support Services

Creatifik can provide all manner of support for printing, hosting and logistics. We also work with a range of third-party companies for bespoke needs – so just ask us.

Motion Graphics

Take advantage of digital media and your current visual and branding assets to present your research or commercial offers using all manner of screens.

Digital Marketing

Make your website work, get more results, be active in social media and engage your audience – or better yet – have them find you and start a conversation.

What Clients Say

[minti_testimonialslider testimonial_1=”We invited Creatifik to improve our website and provide a go to creative resource for us over time to implement our marketing ideas. During a period time Creatifik performed a series of photoshoots with the shot used to relay our team, services and products to our market. Creatifik also provided a range of eye-catching event items all of which combine to engage our audience of laboratory scientists and health professionals. The enthusiasm and marketing knowledge has been a great asset to the company.” author_1=”Ian Alexander, C&M Scientific” testimonial_2=”We really benefited from Creatifik’s experience and expertise in the redesign of the new ASCUS website. Creatifik was extremely accommodating to our needs whilst at the same time offering insights and suggestions to improve the website for our needs. It was invaluable to have this perspective and we really enjoyed working with him. Creatifik’s approach is friendly, professional and efficient and I would highly recommend Creatifik.” author_2=”James Howie, ASCUS Art & Science” testimonial_3=”Creatifik was tasked by Biogelx to provide photography then use resulting images to craft fresh event stands to best present our company and its 3D cell culture technologies, products and services. The design process, guided by Creatifik, immediately understood the science of Biolgex and our target market(s). A transparent process from beginning to end was supported by regular communication on key points, resulting in better final designs, that exceeded our expectations. We will be working with Creatifik in the future for design and marketing items.” author_3=”Eszter Vuity, Biogelx” testimonial_4=”We were approached by Creatifik as Stuart wanted to work with the communication team at Moredun Research. Over the following years we worked with Creatifik to provide company identities and website projects for: Creative Science Company, CoZee Zoonosis and a poster for our event at the Edinburgh Science Festival. Creatifik is a useful resource when we are required to provide website or digital work for scientific companies. Stuart is very good at finding creative solutions to help us with our communications projects and we have found him to be highly innovative and helpful.” author_4=”Professor Lee Innes (OBE) Moredun Research Institute” testimonial_5=”We worked with Creatifik after seeing a really nice glossy brochure they had produced on a really complex scientific and academic project. With a 250 page report to submit at the end of our own large technical innovation programme it was really important to us to have something attractive that people could pick up and quickly access the highlights of our report in a really engaging and accessible way. Creatifik worked tirelessly with us to get the right document for us on time and helped us create the not only the right look and feel but also the right tone for the document given our audience. I will most definitely be working with Creatifik again in the future and recommend them to help you produce a quality audience friendly report for your projects.” author_5=”Dr Marilyn Lennon, University of Glasgow” testimonial_6=”We have been delighted with the service Stuart has provided for us here at Solid Form Solutions, Stuart is able to act rapidly on requests and is very efficient and cost effective. We look forward to continuing to work with Stuart in the future.” author_6=”Julie Scott, Solid Form Solutions Ltd”]
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Recent news and useful resources.

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We hope you’ve seen enough about us to be interested in working with us. Please use the “request call back” button below, contact form or give us a call to start a conversation about your design or marketing requirement. We consider ourselves your external design studio and  with almost 10 years of experience we have, and currently are, helping several scientific organisation achieve their objectives – we can help you too.

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